What does a Crowdfunding Agency Do?

The digital age we live in makes a variety of crowdfunding campaigns—and a range of platforms to support them—possible. It’s an exciting time to be alive, and it’s an even more exciting time to be in crowdfunding.

With so many issuers seeking investors, it can be incredibly challenging to set your own business apart. Add to that the fact that the entrepreneurial fire that likely drives you may not also include the knowledge or know-how to create the strategy and marketing you need to maximize your platform’s potential.

And while crowdfunding has made it more possible for “the little guys/gals” to succeed more than ever before, doing it well is never easy. This is why it can be a very good idea to consider hiring a crowdfunding agency. But don’t just take my word for it—I’m a bit biased.

But I’m also a die-hard entrepreneur, and I empathize with those out there making sacrifices and working hard to get their ventures off the ground.

10 years ago, I watched Entrepreneur of the Year give their “Master Entrepreneur” award. The winner that year had co-founded over 100 companies. It was the first time in my life that I saw (and heard) something I really wanted to do. Now, that’s what I aspire to do.

I didn’t care about the award itself, and I didn’t even remember the winner’s name. What struck me was this: 100 startups means jobs; it also means creativity, hustle, and smarts. It means building something big, and in some cases seriously BIG. It hit me as a “write this on my headstone” goal. That’s the reason I’m in crowdfunding today.

I get a lot of requests all the time from a variety of businesses (including those that don’t technically exist yet) to talk through their crowdfunding goals and questions. I’ve found that a major downfall of many crowdfunding ventures is the fervent belief that if the product (or service) has demonstrated appeal, it has a good shot of making it. “Build it and they will come,” right? Wrong.

A strong strategy and marketing foundation are both crucial in getting your campaign off the ground. Without proper marketing, crowdfunding ventures (and campaigns) are doomed to fail.

What the Heck Does a Crowdfunding Agency Do?

Here’s what a good crowdfunding agency will do: it will build a plan for effectively launching your venture and generating (higher) traffic. It will supply your campaign with templates and planning guides to accelerate project timelines and create captivating pitches. It will make sure you are planning ahead, and have the proper knowledge of crowdfunding rules and regulations so you don’t break any laws (your innovative capabilities will be restricted in jail, and so will your chance to attract investors). It will also offer the following seven elements—because if it doesn’t, keep looking:

● Strategy and campaign kits
● The ability to generate traction (supporters, media interest, etc.) with a strategy and assets
● A marketing strategy and plan of action to execute that strategy
● The ability to launch faster
● Optimize your operations through existing relationships and assets
● Provide an insider’s viow of vendors and proven experts
● Revive a failed launch

Now that you know the main elements an agency can provide, here’s what you should look for in in one:

● Find a consultant/agency with a solid marketing team that has a diverse skill set (analytics, content, etc.)
● Ensure the agency knows how media works
● Take a look at their record, and look for testimonials from former and current clients
● A good agency knows that when you hire them you are making an investment, and you want it to count; so look closely at their focus onYOUR ROI (are they concerned with spending your money wisely?)

In school, did you ever go into a test cold? Did you cross your fingers and hope for the best? Maybe sometimes you got lucky, and other times you didn’t. It’s not a good gamble to take on a business, especially one in which you poured everything you have. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and go find an expert when you need one. A lot can ride on that decision—including your chance for success.

Hiring a crowdfunding agency can have a major impact on the success of your campaign or platform. It will simplify the process, with less guesswork and headaches. We can help.



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