“We don’t give legal advice. We never have. But yet, we kind of distill [for the client], ‘This is likely not going to work,’ or, ‘This has a high probability of working based on other clients and some of our other experiences.’ So with any given idea we’re pretty quick to identify the key points…to overcome, learn more about, modify, or simply run with because they (clients) have a big green light in the marketplace.” –Brent Brague, Vice President of Sales, CrowdEngine

In this episode Dan speaks with Brent about his work on the crowdfunding front lines. CrowdEngine provides custom software for crowdfunding platforms, allowing clients to use their own domain and branding. Because Brent talks with a lot of potential crowdfunders about the steps they need to take to launch a raise or a platform, he’s got his finger on the pulse of what’s brewing on the crowdfunding front, on both the equity and rewards sides.

More on Brent

Brent relies on his extensive experience in online marketing to build, as he puts it, “the world’s best white label crowdfunding software” at CrowdEngine. Due to the changes in securities regulations over the last few years, he’s played a big role in helping educate crowdfunders on all the options they have to raise capital through crowdfunding. Brent believes that the internet is the premier battleground for finding new sources of capital—from retail and non-retail investors alike. He believes it’s important for crowdfunders to use tools and technology to reach the maximum potential of their crowdfunding efforts.

Here’s a Sneak Peak

Why it’s important for equity crowdfunders to have a track record of business savvy:

I think the ideal client…knows what they’re doing. They come to the table with industry expertise, not necessarily in crowdfunding but within their own industries. So if they’re a real estate company, they know how to make money in their own business. If they don’t have their own business solved for and you put a layer of crowdfunding on top of that, there’s just so many variables to account for.

Too many people seem to have, without a rudder or without direction with their own business, “I think I’m going to do this, I think I might do that.” Because they’re so in love with the concept of crowdfunding, they forget that the fundamentals don’t change. And they forget that because they don’t have a disciplined approach to the fundamentals, that’s ultimately what’s going to bite them in the rump, regardless of the crowdfunding aspects of it.

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#CRACKtheCROWD is a long form conversation hosted by Crack the Crowd’s Dan Baird.


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