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Welcome to the beta of our new mini course: Regulation Crowdfunding: How to DIY Your Own Campaign!

At Crack the Crowd, our day job is running a marketing agency for equity crowdfunders. In this capacity, we talk to a lot of current and potential issuers. We’re constantly amazed by the ideas, products, and vision of the entrepreneurs we talk to—in fact, it’s downright inspiring.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what it’s like to bootstrap a business and be pressed for time. So we know that not everyone who wants to launch a crowdfunding campaign has the resources to hire an agency, nor the time to research all the steps associated with one. We decided to do something about it.

We’re excited to release the first three modules (a total of seven lessons) of the course for free. In exchange, we’d like your feedback what you find useful, confusing, and what’s missing. We didn’t set out to create the most comprehensive guide to a Reg CF raise, so you won’t find every trick or hack you can use in a campaign. Three driving factors shaped the way we designed the course:

  • We created a clear path. From prepping a campaign to launching one, we show you how to approach your campaign and the steps to execute it.
  • We kept it short. Entrepreneurs don’t exactly have a ton of time, which is why each module is brief; quickly glean what you need and move on.
  • The course will change—as needed. As regulations change and best practices evolve, we’ll modify the course to make sure it remains relevant.

How to use this course

The course itself is composed of lessons that address a specific theme. Every lesson has four parts:

  1. A written chapter
  2. A tool and/or template
  3. A brief video that covers more details on the lesson
  4. Additional resources

The lessons are presented in chronological order, so if you’re just starting out, it’ll be useful to follow that order. But, if you’ve already launched, or you’re on the cusp of doing so and you have a specific need, feel free to skip ahead or zero in on the videos and tools and templates you need most.

A list of tools and templates

These tools and templates can speed up the process of preparing for your campaign and creating the assets you need, but make sure your legal counsel reviews campaign-related assets before you use them to make sure they’re compliant.

Here’s a list of the tools and templates you’ll have access to in the course:

  1. Reg CF Campaign Checklist: The checklist lays out all the steps involved with prepping and launching your campaign to keep you on track.
  2. Capital Raise P&L Calculator: This tool provides a starting point to consider all your costs, not just those associated with your campaign, so you have a good idea of what your campaign will cost, the budget you need to cover it, and what your target raise should be.
  3. P&L Calculator: This tool will help you determine what your “walkaway amount” should be—so you know how much working capital you will need.
  4. Marketing Plan Calculator: Once you know your approximate target raise, this tool will help you determine the number of people you need to reach to get the number of backers you need (including where to look for them).
  5. Perks and Rewards Calculator: This tool helps you plan for the costs of the rewards and perks you’ll include in your campaign (don’t underestimate their appeal, or the cost of postage).
  6. Email Outreach Templates: These templates help you get started on creating an email outreach campaign, before, during, and after your campaign—written with compliance in mind.
  7. Press Release Templates: These templates cut down on the amount of time it takes to create a press release and conduct email outreach to members of the press—written with compliance in mind.
  8. Influencer Outreach Templates: It may be intimidating to reach out to well-known influencers in your field, but keep in mind that they know the power of collaboration—it’s part of the reason they reached their status. These templates help you kickoff your influencer outreach—written with compliance in mind.
  9. Social Posts Template: These templates help you to quickly customize your compliant social ad copy.
  10. Social Media Content Calendar: Keep your social posts easily organized with this calendar.
  11. PPC and Display Ad Template: Similar to the social ads template, these templates give you examples of compliant copy and help you get started on customizing your own.
  12. FAQ on Reg CF and Staying Compliant: We’ve collected the most popular questions on Reg CF, and compiled the answers in one spot with the help of two securities attorneys.
  13. Bio Framework Templates: Our framework makes it easier to jot down the copy you need to build bios for your campaign and social media profiles.
  14. Content Calendar Template: This calendar will give you a clear guide on planning and scheduling content for your campaign and marketing efforts overall.
  15. Personal Contacts Organizer: Keep track of blog posts, articles, and other pieces of content for your campaign and beyond.
  16. Crowdfunder’s Guidebook: How to Use Social Media to Find Investors, Donors, and Leads: This guide isn’t specific to crowdfunding campaigns, but it can help you get a good start on creating posts and determining your posting frequency—and sticking with it.


Dan Baird


Dan founded Crack the Crowd in 2013, and is the company’s CEO and strategy lead. He is also a product design and launch expert. Previously, he served as Vice-President of CrowdEngine, leading sales, marketing, and launching dozens of crowdfunding platforms, including the first equity platform to reach $1 billion in offerings.

Gabi Barragan

Director of Marketing

Gabi is Director of Marketing for Crack the Crowd. An experienced content strategist, marketer, and writer, she leads strategy, branding, and content initiatives for Crack the Crowd’s diverse roster of clients.

Sara Hanks

CEO of Crowdcheck

Sara is the co-founder and CEO of CrowdCheck, with 30 years of experience in the corporate and securities field. Before founding CrowdCheck, she was the General Counsel of the bipartisan Congressional Oversight Panel, and was Chief of the Office of International Corporate Finance, leading the team that drafted regulations now governing the capital-raising process.

Marty Tate

Attorney with Carman, Lehnhof, Israelsen

Marty’s clients include entrepreneurs, banks, small and large companies, national and internationally recognized platforms, sponsors, issuers, investors and service providers. He counsels clients on most aspects of finance, securities and investments, now with focus on the peer-to-peer lending space and crowdfunding compliance: the JOBS Act, 506 offerings, intrastate offerings and Regulation A.

Marc Adesso

Attorney with Baker Donelson

Listed three times as Wisconsin’s Super Lawyers Rising Stars, Marc provides strategic counsel for corporate governance and SEC compliance and reporting. His focus is on securities and business finance, and he has helped with multimillion mergers and acquisitions. As a member of Baker Donelson’s Global Business Team, he advises international clients on mergers, closings, funds, offerings, and various funding matters.



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