Eli Regalado’s 6 Steps to Influencer Success

“Getting influencers to work with you starts by showing them how you can help them. Everyone wants something, loves something, and fears something. Once you’ve established that, make it easy for influencers to help you by doing the work for them. Whether it’s scripting the emails, the social posts etc…. make sure all they have to do is truly share with their network and you’ll have better results.”

Understanding How Influence Works

Picture this: Every minute there are 701,389 new logins on Facebook, 347,222 tweets on Twitter, and 28,194 new posts to Instagram.* In this super social web, content travels as fast as a rocket, and that’s pretty fast.

When you consider trends and viral videos, the numbers just get bigger–much bigger. And while plenty of people have studied virality, and the influence viral posts can have, it remains a challenge to predict what will rise above the noise, and what will fall flat.

Here’s what we do know: there are different kinds of content producers and amplifiers, and some have more impact than others. The key factor is influence. Influence is measured by how many people want to re-share information to others–and even follow recommendations to buy a product or service (the ultimate impact of an influencer). Influencer can have large audiences, and a high rate of interactions and re-shares. Successful marketers leverage influencers to help them build brand awareness, and ultimately help them boost sales.

What is Influencer Marketing Exactly?

Now that you know who an influencer is,  let’s take a closer look at the role they can play in marketing, aside from shaping public opinion, and ultimately action. Here are three main benefits of working with influencers:

  1. They help in really understanding who your audience is, and how they interact and experience your product or service. This can be an especially valuable benefit if you have a prototype, or are testing the market for demand.
  2. They help you focus marketing resources and hours into the most appropriate platforms and channels.
  3. They serve as your best asset for amplifying the value of your content online and driving business/traffic your way (this may require compensation).

Influencer marketing ultimately helps you zero in on your target market, so you’re  not just starting with a large audience, undefined audience. As you build momentum with influencers, you’ll see more eyeballs on your site, valid leads, higher web traffic, and a much larger audience. They can help lead a  marketing campaign to success, rather than failure.

How to Get Started

At the Annual Utah Crowdfunding Conference in early April, Eli Regalado,Chief Launcher at Launch Lab,, outlined 6 key steps to connecting with influencers and getting them on board with your brand**. I think these work really well and cover all your bases

The 6 Steps

  1.   Identify What it is You Want
  2.   Identify What They Want
  3.   Determine How You Can Help Them Get What They Want
  4.   Be Short and Specific in Your Ask
  5.   Surround Your Ask with Influence if at all Possible
  6.   Ask for Intros to Other Influencers

Let us know if you have questions in the comment box below.
*To see what happens in an internet minute click here.
**To see Eli’s complete presentation click here.


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