CrowdCheck BadActor Report


Who Needs a Report for your raise?

  • The issuer and any predecessor of the issuer or affiliated issuer;
  • Any director, general partner or managing member of the issuer;
  • Any executive officer and officers participating in the offering;
  • Any 20 percent beneficial owner of the issuer;
  • Any promoter—that is, any person or entity that directly or indirectly takes initiative in founding the issuer, or in connection with the founding of the issuer, receives 10% or more of any class of the issuer’s securities, or 10% of the proceeds from the sale of any class of the issuer’s securities;
  • Any investment manager or principal of pooled investment funds offering securities;
  • Any person that has been or will be compensated for solicitation of purchasers in connection with sales of securities in the offering (“compensated solicitor”); and
  • Any director, officer, general partner or managing member of any such compensated solicitor.

The Bad Actor rules also apply to broker-dealers and other intermediaries.


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