• Jumpstart Micro

    Jumpstart Micro is a registered equity crowdfunding portal that brings entrepreneurs and investors together like never before. Based upon the new Title III Jobs Act and Crowdfund Rules, everyone - not just accredited investors - can invest in small, private companies. This means that entrepreneurs have a new method of raising capital and investors have countless new investment opportunities.

  • Ksdaq

    Mr. Crowd, a full-service equity crowdfunding portal registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA),is a nonresident funding portal with significant experience and connections in Asia. Mr. Crowd is committed to help entrepreneurs to raise funds from US and Asia investors.

  • Merging Traffic Portal llc

    Merging Traffic is a portfolio management company building economic development and growth across the globe through our expertise, power and trust. Our equity-based crowdfunding innovation framework is designed to accelerate advancement for entrepreneurs and accredited investors throughout the FinTech, Data Science, Health, Real Estate, Artificial Intelligence sectors. We harness the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship and capital with a focus on connecting people to cultivate an ecosystem of a rising tide to lifts all boats.

  • MinnowCFunding

    Minnow is a real estate crowdfunding online portal that assists small real estate entrepreneurs, developers and operators to raise capital through securities offerings to a pool of individual investors online.

  • MiTec, PBC (Crowdfund Main Street)

    Crowdfund Main Street is a registered Regulation Crowdfunding portal that seeks to bring together small business innovation and the financing that makes it possible start or grow these ventures. CMS makes it possible for anyone to find and invest in small businesses doing the kind of work they believe in and want to support.

  • NextSeed US

    NextSeed is on a mission to connect businesses and individuals to build vibrant communities. A fast-growing and funded FinTech startup, NextSeed operates a community-driven fundraising and alternative investment platform utilizing the latest legal, financial and technology innovations.

  • OpenDeal (Republic)

    Republic's mission is to democratize investing. Irrespective of your net worth, making an investment is casting a vote for the technology or change you want to see in the future.

  • Razitall

    We’re all about people funding people. Our innovative crowdfunding website will allow entrepreneurs to select from four different funding options to support their crowdfunding needs. One of the most important is equity crowdfunding. Starting soon, you’ll be able to ask investors for funding in exchange for a piece of your business. You set your funding goals, create your business pitch using our intuitive pitch framework, and begin capturing the attention of investors.


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