Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) rules can make even the most capable crowdfunders and marketers confused. That’s where we come in— the Ultimate “DIY” Guide to Reg C Crowdfunding tells you what you need to know to plan, prep, launch your campaign, position it for success, and stay compliant.

When we began creating this course, we quickly realized the best way to do it was to crowdsource it. We sought out a variety of experts to chime in on what matters, what doesn’t, and what to avoid. As Reg CF is modified, we’ll add new information, and possibly new modules.

Because here’s what we know: As an alternative funding source, Reg CF is promising for ventures looking to raise up to $1M. Fortunately—for all of us—Rule 506(c) (Title II of the JOBS Act) demonstrated that robust, quality marketing can make all the difference between reaching a target goal—or not.

We also know this: Completing a successful raise—under any regulation—can give you a tremendous boost for capital-raising efforts in the future.

So how do you get started marketing a Reg CF campaign so it’s positioned for success?

Our Regulation Crowdfunding Digital Marketing Course (And More) is essentially “Marketing 101” for Reg CF issuers. Starting with Module 1, we cover the basic elements you need to know, a checklist of critical “to-do’s”, and an array of tools and templates to prepare, launch, and close-out your Reg CF campaign so you know what triggers your investors to act.

By the End Of this Course, You Will… 

1) Build Customizable Creative Assets

The templates we provide include press release templates, email templates, sample social posts and Pay-Per-Click campaign copy (and more)—so you can streamline your launch and repurpose campaign assets long after the campaign is over. This will help you keep your ROI top of mind.

2) Create Messaging from a Compliant Base Template, Proven to Drive Traffic

Regulations on message compliancy can be mystifying, making it difficult to gauge what you can and cannot say before and during a campaign. Leave that to us—as part of the price of the course, we’ll put your copy through legal review with a top corporate and securities lawyer to make the headaches of messaging less so.

3) Digitally Optimize Your Campaign to Maximize Its Effectiveness

The messaging you create for your campaign plays a critical role. That’s why we’ve developed a proprietary multivariate process to track your campaign’s message effectiveness. The result of this process will help you optimize your campaign, even when it’s live. This allows you to focus on allocating your marketing budget and resources efficiently, on and offline.

4) Track and Monitor Your Campaign’s Progress

Once you’ve registered for the course, we’ll collect some information from you so we can provide a customized dashboard that will allow you to track key metrics from Google Analytics and digital ads. The more data you gather, the greater the opportunity to figure out what’s working, what’s not, and what you need to change.  

The List of Lessons Includes  

  1. How to Know If You’re Ready
  2. How to Keep Compliance
  3. Your Campaign Strategy, Part 1
  4. Disclosures Beyond Form C
  5. Your Campaign Strategy, Part 2
  6. Content Planning 101
  7. How to Leverage Social Media and Influencers
  8. Launching and Tracking
  9. After Your Raise

And More…

Shout-out to our partners!!!

This course would not be possible without the contributions of our partners. Their continued feedback will be instrumental in shaping the course as equity crowdfunding evolves.



Terms & Conditions

The following messages have been designed for length, target audience, channel, and compliance considerations. Any changes, however small, may impact your ability to use the messages. Visit the Ad Copy Guidelines / FAQ document and thoroughly read them before creating any content. All communications should be reviewed by your legal counsel before they are made public. Crack the Crowd is not responsible for any non-compliant content.  

NOTICE: NOTICE: Crack The Crowd, LLC. (“Crack The Crowd”) is not a broker-dealer, finder, licensed platform, or investment advisor, and does not solicit investors, engage in any negotiations regarding potential investments, or participate in the sale or purchase of any securities or otherwise effect transactions in securities. Any sale or purchase of securities is in the sole discretion of, and is conducted directly between, the issuer, the portal, and the prospective investor. All information, content, and media regarding the issuer is prepared solely on the issuer’s behalf, and such issuer is solely responsible for compliance, and the accuracy of all such statements. Crack The Crowd has not, and does not independently verify any such information. Any examples or deal references are for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect an actual offering or other opportunity available for investment.

By purchasing this package you agree that all materials, data, and creative material shall continue to be the property of Crack the Crowd. The materials will be used solely for the purpose of providing compliant notices and materials with regards to the potential offering described in the materials, and not for any purpose unrelated to such opportunity. The materials may not be copied or duplicated without the consent of Crack the Crowd, in writing. Furthermore, you acknowledge you are a principal of the issuer and not an agent of or acting on behalf of any other party.


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